Get refunded for FedEx and UPS late shipments.

PackageFox finds eligible late shipments and gets your refunds, automatically!

  • Works with FedEx and UPS
  • Tracks all your express and ground shipments to identify late deliveries
  • Recovers your refunds automatically!
  • Pay only when you get a refund
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No risk. Only pay when PackageFox gets refunds!

Did you know that 10% of all expedited shipments don’t reach their destination on time and that more than $2B in shipping refunds go mostly unclaimed? If you send a lot of shipments, chances are you’re missing out on valuable refunds, and don’t even know it!

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FedEx, UPS or Both

Whichever carrier works best for your business we support or add accounts with both. We also support multiple accounts of course, so you are always covered.


Express and Ground

Express and ground shipments are very different but both have money back guarantees, our software and algorithms supports it all, so no refunds are ever missed.


We Know the Rules

We know the complex rules for when your late packages are eligible for shipping refunds. From service areas, remote areas, zip code exceptions, and pick up cutoffs to exceptions for weather and hundreds of others.


Streamlined Refunds

Once eligible shipments are identified, we complete the complicated, time consuming and often frustrating claims process to get you the refunds you deserve.

Are you sending several FedEx or UPS shipments every month? Chances are that 10% of those packages are late, and you should be refunded the expedited premium. Let PackageFox manage your shipments.

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