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Do I need to do anything differently?

Do I need to do anything differently?   No, that’s the beauty of it.   Once you’re registered, you simply go about your normal course of business while we hunt down your refunds.   There is no change to your routine, just less hassle and less shipping costs.   What if I don’t want to… Read More

UPS Package Tracking

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  When you run a business that ships a product to a customer you tend to focus on how efficiently your packages are being sent out. Or at least if they are making it. Luckily things have come a long way in the area of online package tracking. Both UPS and FedEx have numerous online… Read More

Don’t be a Victim of Bait and Switch Shipping

  Do you know the difference between FedEx express shipping and FedEx SmartPost? Neither did I until I read this article. In case you didn’t click through I will summarize. A guy ordered a navigation update CD online for his car’s navigational system. He took the day off from work to receive his package, but… Read More

Old World Candle Emporium “Treat Customers Right”

  Old World Candle Emporium is a family owned business that prides itself on customer service. Grandpa Willie started the company on the belief that if you treat someone the way you would like to be treated then they will come back time and time again. Old World Candle Emporium has been family owned for… Read More

Shipping Recovery Sector Rises with Global Need

With manufacturing, Internet sales, and expanding globalization, the shipping recovery sector is on a worldwide rise. More and more businesses are coming to depend on bulk packaging for their assembled products and shipping, and as a result the industry is growing by the billions annually. This marks a changed world but also a higher importance… Read More

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