Does the UPS Guarantee Apply During an Earthquake?

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If UPS does not meet its own delivery guarantee, the company or individual that paid for shipping receives a full refund. However, the UPS Guarantee is only effective if a customer chooses to file a claim for those funds, as UPS will not initiate a claim on their own. Such a policy is both generous and telling of UPS and how they do business. The fine print determines when that guarantee is not fulfilled. Wise customers will track each and every package that they ship to determine when they may be due a refund, but if an earthquake or similar natural disaster strikes, is the guarantee still valid?

In most cases, when weather is the cause for a UPS delay, their guarantee is void. Their own terms and conditions state that in the “Act of God” or “Inclement Weather” parcels may not arrive at the stated time. Many customers wonder what constitutes an “Act of God” and even more people want to know what sort of weather defines a breach of the guarantee. UPS has a tracking list to inform its customers when their parcels are caught in a storm and no longer applicable for the delivery guarantee.

Most of the time, weather does not prevent timely deliveries. When it does, the shipper is still eligible for a refund for the amount of money that was paid for a time frame that was not met. UPS will not issue a full refund when weather impacts delivery, but if a storm prevents an overnight package from arriving on time, the UPS Guarantee may allow the shipper to receive a refund for the difference of overnight and one day shipping. Tracking the route is the best way to remain informed. Few people who ship often are aware of the refunds that they may earn if they file claims. When a shipper pays attention to his or her shipments, and files claims accordingly, he or she can save hundreds of dollars each year on shipment costs.

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