Shipping Big Boxes: Is There a Limit?

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Before shipping big boxes, it is important to realize that all shipping carriers have regulations concerning the maximum weight and dimensions of boxes being shipped. UPS and FedEx both require that packages be under 150 pounds (70 kg) in weight. The maximum size of the package cannot exceed 165 inches in length and girth and no package can be more than 108 inches in length alone. FedEx requires that packages being sent via FedEx Express have a combined girth and length of no more than 130 inches. DHL regulations are the same.

However, it should be noted that all carriers are willing to ship packages that exceed these regulations. First of all, however, the package will need to be properly wrapped for it to be accepted. There must be no danger of the wrapping coming undone or the box breaking while in transit. One will need to call the shipping office ahead of time and speak with a manager regarding the item being shipped. One should state the weight and size of the package, where the package is being sent, and explain what it contains. The manager will then inform the office, and the package will be processed for ground shipping.

All major shipping companies require that oversized packages be sent via ground shipping instead of express shipping. This means that an oversized package will take longer to arrive than a smaller package. The person shipping the package will have to pay an overweight charge; this charge is in addition to the cost of shipping the package. Furthermore, large packages of this nature may not be covered by a shipping company’s service guarantee.

If at all possible, it is best to avoid shipping big boxes, especially to another country. While it can be done, it is expensive and will take longer to reach its destination. If the item in question can be taken apart, then one may want to do this and ship several smaller boxes instead of one large one. Keeping track of the shipment with Package Fox’s package tracking system is also a good idea, especially if the item in question is expensive and/or being shipped internationally.

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