The Long Process of Claims for UPS Refunds

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Because of the UPS guarantee, there’s a process any individual can go through for UPS refunds, but it’s a complicated one. Anyone shipping a package knows how easy and inexpensive it is to buy insurance, but so much less easy is actually taking advantage of it for lost, damaged, or most commonly late packages. The bureaucracy involved makes sense from a business standpoint (UPS has to ensure all claims are legitimate before they hand out money), but it can burden a small business or individual.

1. After tracking a package, if it’s visibly lost or late, a call must be made to the customer service center at UPS.

2. A UPS rep will place another tracer will on the package and track it for eight business days, after which time a formal request for claims paperwork must be made.

3. Filling out the paperwork, the shipment and claim number must be visible on all pages submitted. In the case of lost or damaged packages, proof of value must also be supplied.

4. Phone conversations will commence with another rep, who will request further details about the claim. After these resolve, the formal settlement process will begin and last for another 10 business days. If successful, a refund check will come through the mail.

If the process sounds maddening, for most people, it is, which accounts for the vast number of unclaimed refunds in America. With one package, some people decide they can go through the steps alone, but for a business or individual who makes shipments regularly, hiring an outside refund company is best, since these complicated measures will weigh down anyone.

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