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We have been going over some of our most frequently asked questions lately and today is no different.


Lets talk about payment. How PackageFox gets paid, When PackageFox gets paid, when PackageFox collects your credit card information, and if there are any contracts or obligations when using PackageFox?

First up, how does PackageFox get paid?

Your credit card will be billed each month only for the successful refunds we secured you. We charge a 50% commission on all recovered refunds after recovering your first $100 of refunds. We never add fees, just 50% of what we collect for you. If we don’t collect anything in a month you don’t get charged anything.


When does PackageFox get paid?

We get paid each month based on the last 30 days of refunds recovered.


When do you collect my credit card?

We only ask for your credit card after we find and recover your first late package refund. Our goals are aligned; there’s no risk until we actually get you something.


Are there any obligations or contracts?

None whatsoever. No contracts, sign up fees, or recurring monthly charges. You can cancel your service at anytime. In fact, we offer a free trial and won’t charge you anything until we recover $100 in refunds. You can’t beat that now can you?


As you can see PackageFox is pretty amazing. I mean really who wants to organize stacks of receipts and log in to a database to enter them each in by hand?

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