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What is FedEx® Charters?

What do you do if you need to ship sensitive, high value, or time definite cargo?   FedEx has you covered with their Charter delivers. Ship your cargo to other coasts or to other countries.   FedEx® Charters —————————————————————————————————————— FedEx Charters puts you in complete control of your freight shipments. When your freight can’t fly… Read More

Shipping advice for Manufacturing.

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Are you  a manufacturer?   Do you struggle to ship your products? Or is it a pain having to go back and forth between your shipping portal and your manufacturing information, copying and pasting details in for each order? the world’s largest online custom manufacturing marketplace and has built in UPS technology to… Read More

PackageFox FAQ

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We have been going over some of our most frequently asked questions lately and today is no different.   Lets talk about payment. How PackageFox gets paid, When PackageFox gets paid, when PackageFox collects your credit card information, and if there are any contracts or obligations when using PackageFox? First up, how does PackageFox get… Read More

Do I need to do anything differently?

Do I need to do anything differently?   No, that’s the beauty of it.   Once you’re registered, you simply go about your normal course of business while we hunt down your refunds.   There is no change to your routine, just less hassle and less shipping costs.   What if I don’t want to… Read More

Do all late packages get a refund?

So, you are pretty excited about using PackageFox to start getting your late delivery fees back quickly and easily.   But you have a few questions and that is understandable. Today let’s talk about this specific question you may have about the shipping refund process.   Do all late packages get a refund?   No.… Read More

Under Promise, Over Deliver

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You’ve heard this expression before. But how does it apply to your business? How can you make a great impression on your customers across all facets of your business? Something as simple as shipping can be one of the most important external representations of your company. You can have a great website, a great check-out… Read More

Are you sending a out bunch of FedEx or UPS shipments every month? Chances are your invoices contain refund opportunities. Let PackageFox help you save some money.

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