What is FedEx® Aerospace Solutions

FedEx® Aerospace Solutions

Critical and Time-Sensitive Solutions


Have you ever needed a package shipped the same day? Or had to deliver something special that temperature control, increased security or special handling?


Then you may need to try  FedEx® Aerospace Solutions


When you need out of the box service FedEx has you covered. Check out what they offer with Aerospace Solutions.


FedEx Custom Critical delivers extraordinary solutions for out-of-the-ordinary shipments. They specialize in same-day shipping and overnight delivery of critical freight.


Their experts work with you to figure out the optimal shipping solution for your situation by using resources from across the range of FedEx®services. Whether you need a truck, a plane, a specially trained driver or a temperature-controlled environment, they have the resources to make it seamless.

In addition to their expedited ground and air services and special handling services, they provide:

  • On-Board Couriers: They will hand-carry a critical shipment — the ultimate in security, flexibility and speed.


  • Next Flight Out: They will find the next aircraft, whether cargo or commercial, that will get your shipment there.


  • Next Drive Out: They will send your time-critical shipments on a dedicated vehicle.


  • Local Courier Services: They will book your shipment for local delivery and tendering/retrieving from commercial airlines.


Whether you need a temperature controlled environment, a hand delivered carrier, or just a normal expedited shipment make sure to use PackageFox to track them.


PackageFox will automatically track your expedited packages and submit for a refund if your package is late.

The best part is your PackageFox account is free. Just sign up here and let PackageFox take care of your expedited shipping returns while you focus on your business.

Are you sending a out bunch of FedEx or UPS shipments every month? Chances are your invoices contain refund opportunities. Let PackageFox help you save some money.

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