What is FedEx® Charters?

What do you do if you need to ship sensitive, high value, or time definite cargo?


FedEx has you covered with their Charter delivers. Ship your cargo to other coasts or to other countries.


FedEx® Charters


FedEx Charters puts you in complete control of your freight shipments. When your freight can’t fly on a scheduled service because of its critical timing, large size, special handling requirements or off-route destination, FedEx Charters can meet your need with our large and diverse fleet of aircraft, trained personnel and decades of experience.

FedEx Charters provides service in and out of hundreds of U.S. and international airports, using the world’s largest and best-maintained cargo fleets.

The aircraft, schedule and flight plan are all based on your requirements, and our crews, customized load plans and professional loadmasters ensure that you receive premium service and reliability.


FedEx has a variety of jets to charter for your delivery needs.

Boeing 757F



Airbus A310-200F



Airbus A300-600F












Boeing 777F



Okay these are very cool but what happens if you go through all the trouble of chartering a jet and your package still doesn’t make it on time?


That’s when you submit a claim for a refund. Using PackageFox is the easiest way to track, submit, and collect your expedited shipping refund.

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