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FedEx vs UPS

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  When it comes to shipping your package how do you choose between parcel companies. Who do you choose? What guidelines do you base your decision on? The fastest? The biggest? The one you used last time? Well let me share some information with you so you can make a decision based off of some… Read More

The Cost of Shipping Infographic

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Excellent info graphic from Milo with information perfect for online buyers and online merchants alike. Did you know 40% of buyers did not purchase because of shipping costs? Just one of the great tidbits available. “For those who buy and sell online, shipping is an extremely important part of business–and of getting a good deal.… Read More

FedEx vs. UPS – Who’s Best at Shipping Your Stuff?

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Hopefully you are as interested in the shipping industry as well FedEx and UPS as we are here at PackageFox. We created this infographic for a nice comparison of which shipping company does well where and other fun industry facts. Feel free to share and post the graphic where you want.

The FedEx Universe Infographic

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A great FedEx infographic showing stats and data about FedEx from 2009. Truly a universe with $35B+ in revenue, 280,000+ employees and more than 80,000 vehicles.

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