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There’s a new option out there for Amazon sellers, but it doesn’t necessarily lessen any of the shipping charges. The website, a popular retailer for just about anything you’d ever want to buy (or sell), has created a partnership with an online shipment label company: No longer are sellers responsible for going out and buying all of their postage, individually: they can now print off huge quantities of labels and stamps from their computer, all individually catered to separate packages. Like on eBay, some people and businesses receive all of their income from Amazon sales, which means this expedited option is a welcome innovation for returning users. So to address things like benefits and shipping charges, here are a few of the program’s biggest Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Does it cost any extra money? Actually, yes. Those who sell only one book a week on Amazon won’t want to use the service if their only angle is to get around shipping charges. The service costs an extra seven cents per stamp/label, but this is waived with a paid account, which many frequent sellers will want to look into.

2. Is package tracking available? Yes! Amazon has recently begun an envelope option for shipments, and while can’t add delivery confirmation to those, for sellers who choose to send their products with a box, they can certainly see when and where their package ends up.

3. What about insurance? Amazon totes this as the best benefit of their new service: insurance is available and significantly cheaper even than from USPS. Frequent sellers usually want to insure packages, for obvious reasons, so if they purchase a account through Amazon, they’ll have a less expensive way to do so. Additionally, the whole process gets accelerated with all address labels printed and the seven cent fee waived.

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