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Shady Excuses for Late Packages

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Kids who forgot to turn in their homework aren’t the only citizens who lie. At some point, everyone makes a mistake, misses a deadline, and the quickest response for most is to fabricate an excuse. Weather and broken planes cause late packages for a carrier, but individuals cause a lot too, and not all their… Read More

Midwest Tornadoes Caused Late Deliveries

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The end of April saw a record number of tornadoes in America: 164 in one day alone. Homes were destroyed, power lines failed, and while the South bore the brunt of the damage, late deliveries occurred throughout the nation. UPS halted its flights during the storms for safety reasons, and as a result, homes and… Read More

UPS and FedEx Deliver Late Packages About 10% of Time

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Businesses that ship a great deal of time-sensitive material with UPS or FedEx each year typically do so because of the UPS and FedEx guarantee of timely delivery. Yet, the percentage of late packages averages about 10%, and a large proportion of these eligible refunds go unclaimed. The FedEx or UPS guarantee for confirmed delivery… Read More

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