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Down to the Second

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Most people would not believe all that goes into driving a UPS truck. This express parcel service has trained its drivers to be fast and efficient in delivering parcels. The training methods rival that of NASA. Everything is timed to the second. UPS is an avid user of micromanagement. It has well over 340 methods… Read More

5 Tips to Improve Your Expedited Shipments

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It can be extremely aggravating to spend a lot of money shipping something via UPS expedited shipping or FedEx, only to have the package get lost, damaged, and/or arrive late. While a lost, damaged or delayed package may be the fault of UPS or FedEx in some instances, in many cases at least part of… Read More

Online Postage: Can It Increase Your Bottom Line?

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This is one of the first questions a business should ask when considering what type of postage to use. A business that sends expedited shipments or uses UPS freight shipping does not have to worry about postage. However, these shipping methods are quite pricey and in some cases it is enough to simply send a… Read More

FedEx vs. UPS – Who’s Best at Shipping Your Stuff?

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Hopefully you are as interested in the shipping industry as well FedEx and UPS as we are here at PackageFox. We created this infographic for a nice comparison of which shipping company does well where and other fun industry facts. Feel free to share and post the graphic where you want.

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