Business Efficiency for Dummies


You hear the word logistics thrown around all the time. What does logistics really mean? Is it organizing your business in the most efficient way possible? Is is something to do with shipping faster? Or maybe it’s just one a word companies like UPS and FedEx have made up to make their business sound cooler than it really is.

Well lets start with the definition of the word, then we can extrapolate its meaning in the current business environment we our in.

The detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.

Okay so it can mean something different depending on your business but it basically means running your business in the best way possible.

Let’s run through a few key area’s where logistics can help you.

Grow your business
It’s hard to grow your business when you are backlogged with the current work you have. Having a handle on your logistics can keep you from loosing work, and even get you more work by constantly serving your customers and exceeding their expectations.

Serve customers better
If you eliminated bottlenecks in your company that causes your product, or service to take longer than it needs to you can offer more value to your customers and in turn keep them coming back.

Save time and money
Good logistics is all about doing things more efficiently. This means faster and with less errors, which in turn saves you both time and money.

In the long run having good logistics will also sustain your company in the volatile business climate we live in.

One key aspect of setting up a good logistics system for your business is having the right individual pieces, and making sure they work well together.

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