Under Promise, Over Deliver

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You’ve heard this expression before. But how does it apply to your business?

How can you make a great impression on your customers across all facets of your business?

Something as simple as shipping can be one of the most important external representations of your company. You can have a great website, a great check-out process, and even the best product. But all that goodwill you built with your customers can be undone if they receive their order late. The customer is not going to be happy.

Unfortunately, your company gets the blame for the customer’s feeling of being let down, not the shipping company that failed to live up to their promise.

One way companies have dealt with this is simply to offer to fully refund the customers shipping cost. More often than not this will cause them to think of your company as customer focused and make them want to do repeat business with you.

You didn’t guarantee them a shipping refund if your product didn’t arrive when a third party like FedEx or UPS said it would. But, in reality, it becomes your problem as it affects your customer. And if you don’t handled it correctly, your opportunity to impress your customer is lost. So you bite the bullet and absorb the cost.

This is a great example of under promising and over delivering. It makes a lasting impression that you are stepping out of your way to fix the mistake of someone else.

As powerful as this may be, it creates another problem for the business owner. You end up paying for the customer’s shipping and have to eat the cost yourself. This gets expensive and reduces profits the more often it occurs.

The problem is compounded when you get into expedited shipping. It costs a good chunk of change to guarantee a package will arrive by a specific time.

Luckily when it comes to guaranteed shipping you get just that. A guarantee. If your package is late, even by a minute, you are entitled to a refund.

But then there’s another issue: the cost-benefit of obtaining the refund you deserve. Getting your shipping refund is easier said than done. The shipping company who messed up on getting your package to where it needs to go on-time doesn’t go out of their way to let you know when you are eligible for a refund.

Why would they? After all, think about how many people never collect. That’s more money they get to keep in their pockets.

But you are a business owner and would rather keep your money in your own pocket. So you go down to the office from where you sent the package and ask for your refund, fully expecting to get it. Instead you get a form, a website, and 800 number, and little “real’ help.

If you offer shipping as part of your business, this can be a very frustrating experience.

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