Reduce Shipping Costs by Refunding Late Packages

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The cost-effectiveness of your shipping methods has a lot to do with knowing what happens to the packages after they leave your facility. For example, if you have expedited packages that are not delivered on time, these shipments are eligible for shipping refunds as promised by FedEx or UPS, which reduce shipping costs. Businesses that frequently ship packages know all too well the deficiencies within the process, such as this one. In order for a shipping operation to function as smoothly as possible, package tracking is essential. Unfortunately, the time involved makes following up on shipments a daunting task, and if handled internally, additional company resources will be required, which increases costs and reduces profit. It is this area of your business that can greatly benefit from a company like PackageFox.

PackageFox is designed to recoup the shipping refunds you deserve and reduce shipping costs. PackageFox follows up on your shipments, and if any are delivered late, claims are submitted on your behalf for refunds. In addition, we handle the shipping recovery on these deliveries so you don’t have to allocate valuable resources to handle the job in house. Furthermore, PackageFox makes sure your refunds are credited to your shipping account. How easy is that?

Don’t lose out on the shipping refunds you are entitled to; businesses using our package tracking services reduce shipping costs by hundreds of dollars or more, depending on their shipping volume, which ultimately saves on their bottom line. What company can afford not to save money?

Get the refunds you deserve by allowing PackageFox to handle shipment recovery for your business.

Are you sending a out bunch of FedEx or UPS shipments every month? Chances are your invoices contain refund opportunities. Let PackageFox help you save some money.

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