Shipping odd shaped items.

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What do you do when you have something you need to ship, but it just doesn’t fit in a normal box?

Maybe it’s to big, or just has an oddity to it’s shape.

In general any time you have something to ship that is odd because, shape, size, or any other reason you will need to use some common sense.

If something doesn’t look safe to ship fix it and such.

Here are some guidelines on common items with an unusual shape.

Musical Instruments: Send it in a hard case, and include padding inside the case to keep it from moving around while being shipped. Also, if your instrument has strings loosen them a little to remove the tension.

Large Mirrors: Be careful here. You don’t want seven years bad luck if something goes wrong. Start by applying masking tape in a grid across the surface of the glass to guard against cracking. Then wrap it up with bubble wrap or foam.

Snowboards and surfboards: Cover the top and bottom with cardboard. Make sure you tape the cardboard to itself and not the board. You don’t want a sticky surface to clean. Then cover up the gear with padding paper to protect it from damage.

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