Shipping Refunds: The Big Secret UPS and FedEx Don’t Want You to Know

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The reason businesses pay more for expedited shipping is so their packages reach their destinations quicker than by standard shipping methods. It is incredible that UPS and FedEx are capable of offering this type of rapid service, and it is great, when it works. Both the UPS and FedEx guarantee pages make a commitment to deliver expedited shipments on time. The big secret they don’t want you to know is that you are entitled to shipping refunds when they fail to keep that promise with late or lost shipments.

Television ads market happy recipients getting their packages on time, but what about the people who aren’t smiling because of late or lost deliveries? Approximately 5%-10% of expedited shipments are late or lost, and a huge portion of the dollars eligible for shipping refunds goes unclaimed. While both of these top shippers provide quality expedited services and timely delivery 90-95% of the time, the fact remains that you pay extra for the guarantee and you should obtain your shipping refunds when that guarantee fails.

Contrary to what you may think, neither UPS nor FedEx is going to automatically credit your shipping account for a failed or late delivery. In order to retrieve your shipping refunds, you’llhave to file a claim for each one. This can be costly and time-consuming for your business, but it doesn’t have to be.

At PackageFox, we offer risk-free shipment recovery services, but that is not all we do. Our other services include:

• Monitoring your parcel tracking to identify all late shipments
• Filing timely claims for each late or lost shipment
• Making sure your claims are processed
• verifying that all due credits are posted to your shipping accounts

The reason our services are risk-free is because you only pay for recovered refunds. Our fee is a small percentage of the retrieved amount only. You never have to wonder if you are paying too much for tracking late shipments, because at PackageFox, that simply isn’t possible. If you never have a late or lost shipment, you never get charged (don’t you wish health insurance worked that way?).

There is no need to worry about the big secret UPS and FedEx don’t want you to know when you let PackageFox handle your shipping audit and refund recovery needs. We make shipping refunds recovery our job so you don’t have to.

Are you sending a out bunch of FedEx or UPS shipments every month? Chances are your invoices contain refund opportunities. Let PackageFox help you save some money.

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