Shipping Tips: Cheap or Safe?

The age-old debate rages on: ship it cheap, or ship it safe? People wonder if writing “FRAGILE” in all caps has any impact on the likelihood that their box will arrive at its intended destination in one piece. They wonder if it is a myth that books and media ship cheaper than other commerce. And what’s this little hullabaloo about added fees for “shipping and handling”?

Shipping is all about the bottom-line. The shipper wants to get his or her product where it is going without damage, as cheaply and as quickly as possible. If he or she is shipping media (books, DVDs, etc…), informing UPS or FedEx of that detail may qualify the shipper for cheaper rates, as long as the shipper can verify (usually by waiting to seal the box until afterwards) that the contents are truly what they have been stated to be.

Local shipping in the US is still cheapest by USPS, though UPS, FedEx and other shippers have more options for speedy delivery. No matter whom you choose for your delivery service, the same rules apply: Get the right box, pack it for maximum protection, adequately seal the box, and double check the recipient address. The basics of shipping probably seem mundane to even read, but when compared to the alternative of getting the dreaded “return to sender” stamp because you mislabeled or improperly sealed the box, it’s worthwhile!

Probably the most important (and overlooked) shipping tips have to do with safe packaging. While there are plenty of great shipping tips that might save money, don’t cram an object in a space that is not right for the contents. Even if shipping insurance protects damaged goods, the ultimate desired outcome—getting a product from Point A to Point B intact—can be thwarted by poor packaging. Using bubble wrap and an adequately snug box cannot be skipped for the sake of cheaper shipping rates.

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