Shipping Tips for Sending Mother’s Day Flowers

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In recent years, the floral industry has developed into much more than the corner flower shop. This Mother’s Day, when you are shopping for the perfect bouquet, your options are nearly endless. You can still shop at the local florist, purchase from an online retailer, or you can also package your own arrangement or potted plant with FedEx’s shipping tips for flowers and plants.

When shopping for flowers, you were once limited to the selection of the local florist. However, with the expansion of the internet, you now have many options available to you.  From the convenience of your home, office, or even on the go, you can choose your Mother’s Day flowers from one of the many online retailers or independent florists. Each retailer carries many different bouquets and arrangements made up of a wide variety of flowers and plants.

In addition, you are no longer limited by their delivery area. Many florists utilize UPS and FedEx express delivery exclusively to deliver your fresh flowers wherever your mother may be. These flowers often come directly from the grower to ensure the flowers arrive in their prime to last well through the holiday. Each grower has a variety of vases, cards, candies, balloons, teddy bears, and other ancillary items that you can choose to accompany your order. This allows you to include your mother’s favorite chocolates, along with a lovely vase to place her new flowers in, saving her the hassle of searching for a vase around the house.

For those of you who may want to add a more personal touch to your potted gift or arrangement, FedEx provides shipping tips in their “Packaging Guidelines for Potted Plants.” These tips include how to secure and package different plants. By following these guidelines, you can personalize your Mother’s Day gift with a custom painted pot, a hand written card, or flowers and plants directly from your garden. These personal touches can make your gift an extra special Mother’s day present.

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