Top 3 Reasons Drivers May Not Leave Your Package, Leading to Late Deliveries

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The holidays are a stressful time, and the last thing anyone wants is for a package that they paid shipping for to not be delivered to its destination. Every year, thousands of packages face this very fate, and for one reason or another, the intended recipient endures a headache just to get the parcel delivered. However, there are a number of common-sense reasons why a UPS driver might decline delivery of packages, all of which (excepting rare cases), benefit the customer despite forcing late deliveries.

1. The most likely reason for drivers not to deliver packages is a signature-required stipulation requested by the shipper or receiver. Shippers may elect to place a restriction on the delivery of a package without the recipient’s signed approval. Commonly, customers complain that UPS has inconvenient delivery times, stating that since the company’s high traffic delivery hours overlap with most Monday to Friday jobs, it is hard to be present at home when the package is scheduled for its drop. If no other suitable solution can be worked out during the week, UPS does offer Saturday delivery for an extra fee.

2. In some cases however, a package is not dropped even if no signature is required. Several reasons may provoke a driver to hold delivery. Commonly, if the driver notices an unsafe environment, excessive loitering near the drop location, or suspicious behavior, he or she may withhold delivery to prevent theft. Though it may be an inconvenience to the recipient, a discriminate driver might ultimately save the customer from irrecoverable loss from theft.

3. On some occasions, packages may be scheduled for a drop to a business or community that has restricted access. Though a simple inclusion informing a driver of how to drop the package will prevent nondelivery in these cases, drivers are prevented from getting to their location because of keyed barriers and access gates. To avoid most common reasons for nondelivery, shippers and receivers should communicate clearly to determine both the best drop location and set up details to ensure the parcel’s safe arrival. Though some late deliveries may be because the conditions were not right, it is usually in the best interest of a customer that his or her box was held.

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