What Happens if UPS Damaged My Package?

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Ever asked the question: “What happens if UPS damaged my package?” When damages occur to a package during its shipment, the shipper or receiver often demands reparations. At the same time, they quickly identify a guilty party and blame that person or company for the damage that occurred to the package. If you go online, you can easily find a host of complaints regarding UPS and their damages policy.

However, many of the claims filed that are investigated by UPS are denied (if they are denied) for clearly outlined reasons. The most common reason that a damages claim will not result in repayment is improper packaging. UPS outlines proper packing technique for deliveries, and if the item was not packed well, it is not ensured by the repayment policy. This policy is only void if the delivery truck is involved in an accident or the parcel is damaged during a search.

Customers who ship packages need to pack their boxes properly. If they do, when damages occur, they can easily file a claim. Upon claiming damages, UPS will inspect the damages and make their own report. If the claim is authorized UPS will review the documents and ensure that the customer agreement was met. Once the documentation is verified, a refund will be issued. Everyone wishes it could be that straightforward every time.

The truth is, UPS is a business like any other business. They must protect their policies strictly, and when they can find reason to retain payment for services rendered, they will do so. Customers who are uncertain about the safety of their packages in transit may want to insure a package.

If they do not purchase insurance, taking photographs of the packaging is wise (not all people have to time for such rigorous detail work). In the event of damages, a photograph of packaging by a shipper is a quick way to verify a claim that the parcel was improperly handled during shipment. Any customer of UPS should be fully aware that the company has a reputation as a customer-first establishment, and every customer should be prepared to fight for their rights as a customer by proactively engaging the disputes and keeping documentation. Keeping these thoughts in mind, you will never need to worry about what to do if UPS damaged my package.

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