Why a Shipping Audit is Important

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Too often, businesses do not closely monitor the small expenditures that take place in their operations every day. All businesses should understand the value of saving a dollar wherever practically possible, because practicing frugality can mean the difference between succeeding and failing as an enterprise. If a company does not perform a shipping audit to determine if claims are due for late shipment deliveries, a good deal of unnecessary costs will be incurred, which reduces a company’s bottom line. If your shipments are delivered late or not at all, don’t expect automatic refunds to your shipping accounts. UPS and FedEx refunds for late deliveries require claims to be submitted, making shipping recovery difficult.

Small companies usually monitor their shipping costs more efficiently than large-scale businesses because they have limited overnight or next-day shipments. However, a diverse company with multiple locations can easily spend thousands of dollars on shipping each year without assigning anyone to verify if charges were made for packages that were not delivered as promised. Although some companies accept shipping overcharges as a cost of doing business, they should be aware there is an easy way to recover legitimate refunds without paying a salaried employee to monitor the audit trails.

Many executives have already made the wise decision of turning the task of monitoring shipping refunds over to PackageFox, where it is our job to watch out for discrepancies between services rendered and services purchased. Shipping recovery is our area of expertise, and our services exist to reduce your shipping costs.

The most economical way to stop paying for services you don’t receive is to let PackageFox handle your shipping recovery needs. You, too, can join the multitude of businesses that benefit from our ability to recoup valid shipping recovery refunds. After all, a FedEx or a UPS guarantee doesn’t count for much unless you let our knowledgeable service team at PackageFox track down your shipping refunds for you when timely delivery doesn’t take place.

Are you sending a out bunch of FedEx or UPS shipments every month? Chances are your invoices contain refund opportunities. Let PackageFox help you save some money.

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