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UPS is a company that is known the world over. However, there are many things that most people do not know about the company. For instance, one little known fact regarding UPS is that it was started over a hundred years ago by James Casey, who founded the company with $100 that he borrowed from a friend. It is now mind boggling to consider that Mr. Casey founded an international shipping giant worth billions of dollars using such a small sum of money. One reason why Mr. Casey was so successful was that he was very efficient in strategic cost reduction management. This is a tradition that has carried over through the years.

UPS continues the efficiency that Mr. Casey started. This shipping giant is always on the lookout for ways to save money. These savings then translate into lower shipping prices for individuals and companies the world over. UPS takes care to plan flights using the most fuel-efficient route, taking distance and weather conditions into the equation. The company also provides very detailed training to its drivers. All UPS trucks use fuel-efficient routes.

A small business can learn a lot from UPS’s efficiency. Cost reduction management can enable a business to stay afloat while others are shutting down or going bankrupt. A business that relies on expedited shipping should consider using PackageFox to keep track of such shipments and automatically refund the sender should the shipment not arrive on time. While late packages are, fortunately, not a common occurrence, it has been estimated that up to two billion dollars in refunds go unclaimed. Most companies are simply not aware of their rights when it comes to expedited shipping. However, saving money in this and other areas can often turn a regular business into a very successful one.

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