FedEx vs UPS

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When it comes to shipping your package how do you choose between parcel companies. Who do you choose?

What guidelines do you base your decision on? The fastest? The biggest? The one you used last time?

Well let me share some information with you so you can make a decision based off of some facts.

2009 Revenue for FedEx and UPS
FedEx – $35 Billion
Ups – $45 Billion

Average Daily Shipments
FedEx – 6.9 Million
UPS – 15.8 Million

Express Packages Delivered On time
FedEx – 88 percent
UPS – 91 percent

Total Air Fleet
FedEx – 694 Jets
UPS – 268 Jets

Ground Fleet
FedEx – 22,000 Ground Vehicles
UPS – 101,900 Ground Vehicles

Green Fleet
Alternative Fuel
FedEx – 406
UPS – 2,022

Hybrid Vehicles
FedEx – 329 and 19 Electric vehicles
UPS – 250 UPS

When it comes to your competitive edge logistics can make or break your business. You have to find what company works best for you, your company, and your customers.

Lets face it. No matter how much research you put into picking the right package company you will still have late packages. There is no way around this.

Just because you can’t prevent it from happening, doesn’t mean you have to except it as a part of doing business.

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