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Boxes for Shipping Wine

  Guidelines for Shipping Alcoholic Beverages Contrary to what many may believe, shipping wine — or any alcoholic beverage — via a shipping carrier without an officially recognized alcoholic distributing license is actually possible. Although it’s illegal, if caught the alcohol will only be confiscated, but the act in itself is not a crime and… Read More

Shipping odd shaped items.

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  What do you do when you have something you need to ship, but it just doesn’t fit in a normal box? Maybe it’s to big, or just has an oddity to it’s shape. In general any time you have something to ship that is odd because, shape, size, or any other reason you will… Read More

How to: International shipping

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  Does your business ship internationally? If so you are aware of the extra things you need to do to make sure everything goes smoothly. If not you can find the information rather easily online. Here are six steps from FedEx on how to handle your international shipping needs. Interest ………………………………………… Step 1: Check shipping… Read More

FedEx vs UPS

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  When it comes to shipping your package how do you choose between parcel companies. Who do you choose? What guidelines do you base your decision on? The fastest? The biggest? The one you used last time? Well let me share some information with you so you can make a decision based off of some… Read More

What Does it Take to Deliver a Letter?

  Have you ever wondered how a letter is delivered? The other day I got to wondering about what actually happened once I licked the envelope and placed my stamp on a letter. So I looked it up. It is actually quite interesting. Here it is straight from USPS. ……………………………………………….. Collection After a customer has… Read More

Don’t be a Victim of Bait and Switch Shipping

  Do you know the difference between FedEx express shipping and FedEx SmartPost? Neither did I until I read this article. In case you didn’t click through I will summarize. A guy ordered a navigation update CD online for his car’s navigational system. He took the day off from work to receive his package, but… Read More

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