Even Delivery Truck Drivers Deserve Milk and Cookies!

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UPS delivery truck drivers enjoy one of the most difficult to attain, and statistically speaking, enjoyable jobs in the US. The truck drivers make well over the average salary per year with benefits to enjoy and a union for backing. However, their job has its downsides; namely, when everyone else is enjoying holidays, UPS drivers are working overtime. In many cities, people will recognize their local UPS driver, having seen him or her on a regular basis. The drivers have set routes and so they often become familiar with the neighborhoods they deliver to.

While the customer is indoors, enjoying Christmas pies, the UPS driver is working overtime, and since he or she might feel like a friend (especially to those that receive many packages), the customer might desire to tip a driver. If customers wish to tip UPS drivers, it is good to know that tips under twenty dollars are allowed by the company. UPS states that their drivers may accept “nominal gifts” of twenty dollars in cash or less, or an equivalent sum.

It is generally accepted that those who wish to tip drivers should give a gift of cash, as it will be the most appreciated transaction. Gift cards can be challenging, and the majority of drivers will receive personal baked goods with some level of wariness. Though cash may be an unthoughtful gift for a family member, it is the perfect thank you to drivers. At times, a customer may wish to thank his or her driver, but not want to give cash. In such cases, a warm card and a prepackaged food gift is a good substitute.

If the gift giver is determined to give a gift card, most drivers have reported enjoying gift cards to restaurants more than other cards. Food, for those that have not caught on, is a popular and thoughtful way to say thank you for anyone. UPS and FedEx drivers have a difficult and challenging job. Though they are paid well for their work, they also typically spend more hours on duty than the average American employee. Because the job is physically challenging and time consuming, it is not only appreciated, but appropriate, to tip package delivery drivers during the holiday season.

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