How Snowy Weather Can Impact the FedEx Guarantee

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If all you want for the holidays is a white Christmas, if it is what you are dreaming of, be careful what you wish for. The beautiful white Christmas may be a delight to look upon, but for every ounce of delight, there is an equal part of delivery nightmare for shipping organizers. FedEx, though failing less than five percent of the time, even dreads seeing a white Christmas—for the customer’s sake because the FedEx guarantee can vary around the holidays and more so with inclement weather.

FedEx only blacks out their delivery guarantee for two weeks each year. In other words, unless you ship during Thanksgiving or Christmas weeks, you are protected, and insured by the company that you get what you pay for or you get it for free. If FedEx is even a minute late delivering a package sent with their services, the customer can file for a full refund. But, there is one loophole.

In the case of inclement weather (like a white Christmas), the FedEx guarantee is subject to lifting. When weather prevents safe driving or flying conditions, the guarantee is suspended. On such occasions, FedEx is able to amend the delivery date by the length of time the vehicle was grounded. If the shipper’s package was delayed on a truck because of snow for one day, the guarantee would amend the delivery date minus twenty-four hours.

Many customers over the years have complained that weather is a standard “excuse” for FedEx to use to prevent refunds. However, at Christmas, like every other time of year, FedEx is subject to weather reports available for public access. As the second largest delivery company in the world, FedEx does not chance dishonest dealings for the cost of several late parcels.

So, while the white Christmas is ideal, if you get it but suffer late package delivery as a consequence, ask the question, “Is it worth it?” Most people will gladly wait a day for their packages to arrive when they know that the delay has kept the life of their delivery driver safe. Everyone has a happy holiday season when safe delivery practices are followed. Delays are part of the holiday season no matter what the weather is, and a gracious attitude is as well.

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