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Does your business ship internationally? If so you are aware of the extra things you need to do to make sure everything goes smoothly.

If not you can find the information rather easily online.

Here are six steps from FedEx on how to handle your international shipping needs.
Step 1: Check shipping availability with commodity acceptance
The first step to shipping internationally is to check commodity acceptance. If you’re shipping a commodity, you’ll typically need a Commercial Invoice.

Step 2: Pick the best service for your needs
You can choose from a wide variety of international shipping services with FedEx — from time sensitive to budget friendly.

Step 3: Print labels and prepare documents with our free FedEx Ship Manager® tool
Save your business time and paperwork by taking advantage of free tools from FedEx to print shipping labels and prepare international documents.
Step 4: Prepare your shipment
With international shipping, packing and preparing your shipments correctly is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your business from wasted costs, missed deadlines and customer complaints.

Step 6: Track your shipment online, anytime
You’ll have the advantage of a variety of FedEx tools that can help you easily track and monitor your international shipments.

If you have the tools you need it is much easier to get something done.

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