How Express Parcel Service and the Internet Innovated Crafting

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For thousands of small businesses, the internet and express parcel service have provided an opportunity to reach customers all over the world. Many of these new consumers would not have been accessible only a few years ago. However, with easily accessible online shopping sites and convenient shipping options, small businesses have been able to enter new markets and reach the far corners of the world with their products. This is crucial to the success of creative and talented entrepreneurs, who take risks and follow their passions in hopes of making a living.

One group of people who have benefitted extensively from easy and convenient shopping and shipping are those people who make handmade clothes, accessories, and other crafts that would have previously only been available in specialty boutiques. With the popularity of Etsy, Ebay, and now Pinterest, a customer can connect directly with artists, purchase ‘as seen’ or custom orders, and rely on express parcel service to bring the product directly to their door. This is a win-win for both designers and customers.

Using these sites, in combination with other social media, business owners market to customers and connect with their peers. These individuals are able to transform what they may have once considered only a hobby into a thriving business. Before these sites, individuals would need to sell to stores or travel to craft shows, often costing them time and money. However, now, artists and crafters alike can sell items directly from home, spending more time creating new inventory and establishing a stronger presence on the internet.

Additionally, most express parcel service carriers will offer at home pick-up for certain sizes and weights of shipments and even throw in free shipping boxes or envelopes. This increases the ease of working from home and truly bringing one’s hobby to life in a thriving business venture.

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