Carry On, Checked Bag, or UPS? How Package Shipping Rates Measure Up

As the airlines increase fees on checked baggage and implement limitations on carry-on bags, some frequent business travelers are turning to UPS and FedEx to ship their luggage ahead of their trip. Many professionals are deciding to use reliable, alternative options to get their belongings from one location to another. Just as companies have depended on UPS or FedEx for delivering their products, they have started relying on them to deliver their personal items as well. These business professionals are finding that, in some cases, package shipping rates are lower than luggage fees charged by the airline, and that the couriers at times are more reliable than checked baggage when it comes to arriving at the final destination on time.

Many road warriors have always been reluctant to check their luggage. Everyone knows the horror stories about airlines losing or damaging checked luggage. Instead, they meticulously pack their carry-on bag to get the most out of every square inch so as to avoid a checked bag altogether. However, sometimes no matter how well you pack, you cannot fit everything in your carry on, and as airlines have added fees and restrictions, business travelers have sought alternative means of shipping their belongings.

Business professionals have been using FedEx and UPS for years to ensure that their products and important documents arrive on time, in good condition, and at the correct location. With competitive package shipping rates and reliable service, UPS and FedEx provide a practical alternative to the business traveler and his or her luggage. Both companies offer special packaging for luggage, or they will ship it as-is. Send it out the day before you leave, depending on location, track its progress, and find it waiting for you at your next location, just as you would with you other packages. No need to worry about if your luggage made it onto your flight or not!

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