One Letters Journey Across the Country and Back Again


I read a story the other day about a man who wanted to ship something from Union City Ca, to his home in LA. No problem that’s not very far right?

Well it depends who is delivering it.

In this particular story the USPS was in charge of the ride, and boy was it a long one.

The journey started off in Union City, then went to Bakersfield. Then traveled to North Carolina then down to Jacksonville, Florida before finally heading back to Las Angeles.

I have heard some, somewhat rational theories on why the package would have been shipped this way.

Here is an excerpt from the article I read. The quote comes from a Reddit user.

“The system isn’t designed so that your package is shipped in the most efficient manner, it’s designed so the whole system is efficient. That sometimes means packages take odd routes do to space on trucks, planes, and trains. I used to work at a shipper and had a few friends in logistics, they constantly joked about some of the crazy routes packages would take because it saved the company money.”

Now if this is how the USPS wants to deliver it’s mail then fine, it’s their business. But when I need something to get somewhere fast then I count on expedited shipping services.

Sometimes it’s fine for something to take it’s time and just show up randomly. Other times though it needs to be there now. That’s what is so great about expedited shipping. Pay more for a premium service.

But what about when that system breaks down? It can for many reasons.

Extreme Weather is often the cause of late deliveries. And then there is the age old problem of “Human Error”.

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