Old World Candle Emporium “Treat Customers Right”


Old World Candle Emporium is a family owned business that prides itself on customer service. Grandpa Willie started the company on the belief that if you treat someone the way you would like to be treated then they will come back time and time again.

Old World Candle Emporium has been family owned for three generations and are keeping the tradition of exceptional customer service alive even today.

Their “Treat customers right” philosophy has served them well, but with so much of business done online now it is hard to establish that level of customer loyalty that has helped Old World Candle Emporium for 75 years.

Expedited shipping is one way Old World Candle Emporium stays competitive. They offer two day shipping on all orders over $25. Customers love getting their orders so fast.

For Old World Candle Emporium customer happiness is of top priority so if something goes wrong and their order doesn’t arrive in the promised two days, they make it right.

Because of this Old World Candle Emporium counts on getting their refund back from whoever shipped it. They owe it to their customers, but can’t afford to eat the shipping cost twice, and need the refund otherwise they’ll loose profits, and eventually go out of business.

Old World Candle Emporium can’t afford the time it would take to track down every late package and request a refund, then deal with them individually.

They would have to hire a new employee just to keep track of it, but the cost would negate the whole purpose of saving money.

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