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Carry On, Checked Bag, or UPS? How Package Shipping Rates Measure Up

As the airlines increase fees on checked baggage and implement limitations on carry-on bags, some frequent business travelers are turning to UPS and FedEx to ship their luggage ahead of their trip. Many professionals are deciding to use reliable, alternative options to get their belongings from one location to another. Just as companies have depended… Read More

As Demand and Fuel Costs Rise, So Do Package Shipping Rates

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Recently, UPS and FedEx announced sweeping increases in package shipping rates for both air and ground delivery services.  Averages of both companies’ rate increases work out to approximately 4.9% for shippers. However, a recent study by LJM Freight Auditing and Consulting concluded that many shippers, including retailers, actually face rate hikes from 6.5% to 8.8%.… Read More

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