UPS and the Environment

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UPS is a mind-boggling operation. It ships to 220 countries and territories. Every day, over 15 million packages are delivered in six continents. Just as amazing is the fact that UPS is not only a shipping giant but also an extremely environmentally friendly one. UPS uses a number of methods to reduce shipping costs, burn less fuel and keep the world green and clean.

UPS has nearly 2,000 vehicles at its disposal that use alternative fuel. It also uses over half a dozen different car designs to ensure that each delivery vehicle is as fuel efficient as possible. Given these facts, it is not surprising that UPS has received the highest possible ratings from the Environmental Protection Agency.

UPS also closely watches the functions of its aircraft. It pays particularly close attention to the fuel that is burned while a plane is taxiing right before take-off and after landing. In fact, UPS’s efforts in this area have saved the company around 400,000 gallons of fuel every year. Each flight is carefully planned; the route chosen will always be the fastest and most efficient fuel-wise.

The company is also a recycling giant. Since starting its own recycling program in the year 2000, it has recycled well over 20 million pounds of e-waste. It has also worked hard to cut down on paper waste by replacing papers with a mini handheld computer known as the Delivery Information Acquisition Device, or DIAD for short.

With great profits come great responsibilities to the world community that they are so deeply involved in. UPS understands this and uses a number of methods to reduce shipping costs and keep the environment clean. It works hard to find new ways to improve the environment by burning less fuel and producing less garbage. It is simply amazing to see how much concern it has shown for the good of mankind.

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