Down to the Second

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Most people would not believe all that goes into driving a UPS truck. This express parcel service has trained its drivers to be fast and efficient in delivering parcels. The training methods rival that of NASA. Everything is timed to the second. UPS is an avid user of micromanagement. It has well over 340 methods that govern what a UPS driver should do and how he or she should do it.

The training that goes into becoming a UPS driver is extremely detailed. The company pays attention to every single action. For instance, a driver is instructed on how to buckle the seatbelt while starting the vehicle (I guess every second counts when you add up all of the starts/stops per driver!). He or she is also taught the proper way to carry a parcel so as not to damage their back, arm and shoulder muscles. Special training is even given on how to carry a parcel on a slippery surface.

UPS has recently developed Integrad, a multi-million dollar facility that teaches a first time UPS driver just what to do and how to do it. While all UPS drivers are provided training, this facility allows one to learn by doing. There are different simulators such as the slips and falls track and the on/off car that teach a driver the proper way to carry a box, walk across a slippery surface and disembark a vehicle. This facility has been extremely successful. The company’s drivers have since become more efficient and less likely to quit the company.

It is amazing how this multinational express parcel service pays so much attention to detail. UPS is an extremely methodical company in terms of regulation. It also shows a great deal of concern for its drivers, who may be driving a company truck for up to twelve hours a day. By helping a driver learn to do the work properly, the company helps them to stay in excellent physical shape, both happy and healthy.

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