Why use PackageFox?

Do you mail a lot of express packages?

How many times have your packages gotten to their destination late?

What if you could get your shipping costs back every time a package was late?

The good news is most of the time you can.

Both FedEx and UPS offer guarantees and will refund your shipping cost if you don’t get exactly what you paid for.

The bad news is it doesn’t work automatically. You have to file a claim to start the process. Then keep on top of it to make sure you get your refund.

Sound like more work than it’s worth?

Don’t worry, PackageFox has you covered.

Just sign up, and PackageFox does the rest.

No fussing with forms, or standing in lines to complain about your late packages.

Lets say you send 12 packages this month. Out of those twelve, three were late. The combined value of those three packages is $97.83 for expedited shipping fee’s.

Unless you take action, that money is just gone. You paid to get those packages somewhere on time and it didn’t happen.

Package fox automates the refunding process for you. Don’t miss out on the refunds because you don’t have the time or don’t know how to go about it. Just sign up with Packagefox and start getting that money back.

Sign up now. It is easy, fast and doesn’t cost anything to create an account. PackageFox will start working for you. Only pay once your money has already been recovered.


Are you sending a out bunch of FedEx or UPS shipments every month? Chances are your invoices contain refund opportunities. Let PackageFox help you save some money.

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