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How does PackageFox work?

You run a tight operation. Everything runs well and that’s the way you like it. But some things are just out of your control. When your customers order something from you, you want to get it to them as fast as possible. After all, you built your business on customer service. Under promise and over… Read More

Does the FedEx Guarantee Cover Horses?

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According to an interview on NPR’s Morning Edition from March 7, 2012, Tim Dutta is planning on using FedEx to transport horses to this summer’s Olympic Games in London, England.  What we wonder is if the FedEx guarantee still applies? The animals will make the journey anywhere from 4 days to three weeks before their… Read More

New Technology Validates the FedEx Guarantee

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As one of the fastest growing shipping businesses, the company offers its famous FedEx guarantee with confidence on account of its technology. Constantly working to innovate its process, FedEx has developed processing hubs that fully outshine its competitors and ensure customers receive their packages at their scheduled deliveries. The systems expand and adapt all the… Read More

FedEx Guarantee Timeline: What Happens To Your Package?

If a company sends a lot of packages via either UPS or FedEx, then it should understand how the shipping process works and what each company does and does not guarantee. The UPS moneyback guarantee covers packages shipped within the U.S. or to/from the U.S. Next Day Air, Second Day Air, Three Day Select and… Read More

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