5 Tips to Improve Your Expedited Shipments

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It can be extremely aggravating to spend a lot of money shipping something via UPS expedited shipping or FedEx, only to have the package get lost, damaged, and/or arrive late. While a lost, damaged or delayed package may be the fault of UPS or FedEx in some instances, in many cases at least part of the blame lies with the person who sent the package in the first place. However, there are ways to ensure that packages sent as expedited shipments get to where they are meant to go without damage or delay.

1. Print the label instead of writing it by hand. Many people do not write clearly and this is one of the top reasons why a package will end up lost. A printed label is not only clearer but also more professional and is sure to make a better impression on the recipient.

2. Using proper packaging is an absolute must. If an item is fragile, then it should be padded or wrapped securely. It is better to add too much wrapping to such an item than too little. Nothing is more of a letdown than unwrapping your item and finding it broken! Labeling the outside of the box clearly with ‘Fragile’ stickers is also a must. This lets the person handling the package know that something breakable is inside and that it needs to be handled with care.

3. Tape the box shut properly. Some people do not use enough tape when sealing the box. A person that does not use enough tape risks having the box open accidentally. When this happens, items are sure to break, be damaged, or fall out of the box and get lost altogether.

4. Use the right type of package. When shipping heavy items such as books, it is better to use two small boxes than one large box. Shipping a small heavy item in a paper envelope is likewise a bad idea. Be sure the shipping container used is able to handle the weight of the item.

5. Consider your timing when shipping a package. Christmas in particular is a difficult season for both UPS and FedEx. Many packages tend to get lost or delayed around this time. In most cases it may be better to send the package earlier and beat the Christmas rush.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that a package will not get lost, damaged or delayed. However, anyone can reduce the chances of this happening by using the five tips mentioned above. Each tip is quite simple but they are quite effective when used together. With a bit of caution and foresight, a business can avoid having to deal with packages that arrive late or get lost or damaged en route.

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