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Boxes for Shipping Wine

  Guidelines for Shipping Alcoholic Beverages Contrary to what many may believe, shipping wine — or any alcoholic beverage — via a shipping carrier without an officially recognized alcoholic distributing license is actually possible. Although it’s illegal, if caught the alcohol will only be confiscated, but the act in itself is not a crime and… Read More

How to Ship Perishable Foods

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  SHIPPING PERISHABLE FOODS IS AS EASY AS PIE! Tired of joking with your grand-kids who’ve gone off to college that you’ll send them your best homemade pies that they love so much? Ever actually wish that, in reality, you could send a loved one some of your specialty baked goods because they’re longing for… Read More

Shipping odd shaped items.

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  What do you do when you have something you need to ship, but it just doesn’t fit in a normal box? Maybe it’s to big, or just has an oddity to it’s shape. In general any time you have something to ship that is odd because, shape, size, or any other reason you will… Read More

UPS Hold for pick up

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  When you order a package online do you ever anxiously watch the tracking info, watching it hit every check point hoping it will magically get to you sooner than promised? I have to say the most frustrating part is when you get the status of “out for delivery”. It pretty much drives me crazy.… Read More

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