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Same Day Delivery In Town

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  What do you do when you have to get something across town today? Let’s say you just finished a proposal for a new client and need to get a physical copy to them before the end of the day. Well you could jump in a cab, or your car and drive across town, and… Read More

What Does it Take to Deliver a Letter?

  Have you ever wondered how a letter is delivered? The other day I got to wondering about what actually happened once I licked the envelope and placed my stamp on a letter. So I looked it up. It is actually quite interesting. Here it is straight from USPS. ……………………………………………….. Collection After a customer has… Read More

Don’t be a Victim of Bait and Switch Shipping

  Do you know the difference between FedEx express shipping and FedEx SmartPost? Neither did I until I read this article. In case you didn’t click through I will summarize. A guy ordered a navigation update CD online for his car’s navigational system. He took the day off from work to receive his package, but… Read More

Old World Candle Emporium “Treat Customers Right”

  Old World Candle Emporium is a family owned business that prides itself on customer service. Grandpa Willie started the company on the belief that if you treat someone the way you would like to be treated then they will come back time and time again. Old World Candle Emporium has been family owned for… Read More

The story of Bill

Here is a little story about Bill. Bill works at the ACME Anvil Company. His boss Jim loves tacos. They are his favorite food. He eats them all the time. His office is even decorated in art taco. That last one may have been an office joke now that I think about it. Anyways, the… Read More

How does PackageFox work?

You run a tight operation. Everything runs well and that’s the way you like it. But some things are just out of your control. When your customers order something from you, you want to get it to them as fast as possible. After all, you built your business on customer service. Under promise and over… Read More

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