Don’t drag around your baggage. Just ship it.


Do you fly often? If so you probably have your own routine down. It can be a huge hassle getting in and out of an airport and all the little things you have figured out make a big difference.

Let me share with you a trick I like to use.

Instead of hauling around your extra baggage just ship it.

Think about it. Most airlines charge for an extra carry on as it is, and it is a huge pain and hassle.

Some airlines even charge for your first carry on, and most are implementing a weight limit, that if not strictly followed will result in a extra charge as well.

This can be a hassle, and adds another thing to manage before, during, and after your flight.

By shipping it you can forget all about the extra work of carrying it and finding the extra room on a crowded flight.

So by this point you are probably thinking this sounds to good to be true. You may also be wondering what happens when your luggage is late.

First off this is pretty rare, but if it does happen you get your money back. When you express ship through FedEx, UPS, or other shipping providers who offer it, your shipment time is guaranteed.

If something happens, and they show up a little late then you are simply refunded your shipping price.

PackageFox makes this super simple and extremely convenient.

Once you have signed up for a free account, you can have all your packages tracked.

If something is late, PackageFox will automatically send in the claim for you, and get your refund.

Out of all the little things you do to make your flights quicker and easier, this tip may just become your secret weapon.

Imagine walking through the airport without any luggage to deal with.

This could change your life with the security check point alone.

Never stress out about a flight again.

And don’t forget to use PackageFox so you never miss out on any refunds.

Sign up now for PackageFox. It’s free, fast and completely hassle free.


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