The story of Bill

Here is a little story about Bill. Bill works at the ACME Anvil Company.

His boss Jim loves tacos. They are his favorite food. He eats them all the time. His office is even decorated in art taco. That last one may have been an office joke now that I think about it.

Anyways, the point is everyone knew Jim loved tacos.

Last summer Bill took a vacation and while he was there he found a small little taqueria.

He order the world famous taco platter. The menu claimed they where famous. The story is foreign dignitaries had these tacos flown to their offices.

Famous or not, Bill was impressed. These may have been the best tacos he had ever had. And that’s saying something because Jim had made him eat plenty since he started at ACME Anvils three years ago.

Well Bill had to bring some of these tacos back for Jim. The problem is it was a long flight with several lay overs. There is no way the tacos would make it.

Then Bill has a bright idea. “What if I shipped them back overnight?”

And that is just what he did. He got a small ice chest, packed in the tacos and filled it with dry ice.

Bill gets back to the office and is expecting to find a pretty appreciative Jim. When Jim doesn’t mention the tacos Bill asks if he liked them.

Jim is confused. What tacos?

Turns out they hadn’t showed up.

Later that day when the mail is delivered Jim gets a package.

It’s the tacos. They are a day late and the ice has melted. Jim won’t be eating these tacos. They are soggy from the melted ice, and the meat has turned a strange color.

What now?

Bill was upset about the tacos because he knew Jim would have loved them so much. But this stuff happens and life goes on.

Bill didn’t put to much thought into it after that. And he certainly didn’t think to go back and file for a refund.

Jim however knew better. He shipped stuff all the time and after one particularly frustrating late package came across a site called PackageFox.

PackageFox is so cool because it takes all the work out of getting late packages refunded.

Just sign up for a free account, and let PackageFox track your packages. If something goes wrong like it did for Bill, you automatically get a refund. No hassle, No fuss. Just results.

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