FedEx Guarantee Timeline: What Happens To Your Package?

If a company sends a lot of packages via either UPS or FedEx, then it should understand how the shipping process works and what each company does and does not guarantee. The UPS moneyback guarantee covers packages shipped within the U.S. or to/from the U.S. Next Day Air, Second Day Air, Three Day Select and Ground Commercial shipping is guaranteed to arrive on time. If a package is late, the sender will either receive a refund or credit. However, the guarantee does not apply if a package was delayed due to reasons that were not UPS’s fault (i.e. a snowstorm, hurricane, unavailable recipient, labor strikes, problems with customs, etc.). The FedEx guarantee offers either a refund or credit should the company not deliver a FedEx Express package on time, either in the United States or internationally. However, a parcel sent via FedEx Ground is only guaranteed if the sender has chosen the brokerage-inclusive option.

To send something via either UPS or FedEx, a person simply needs to go to the company’s website, fill in the pertinent information and schedule a pick up. However, one can also take the package in person to either a UPS or FedEx office or designated drop box. Both UPS and FedEx will print out a person’s address label with a bar code and tracking number. This is how the box can be tracked and located no matter where it is.

For bulk shipping through either service, a truck will come by a company’s office and pick up all packages that are being sent. These are then taken to a large sorting facility that sorts parcels out by destination. Packages being sent less than two hundred miles away are usually sent by truck. Packages being sent further than two hundred miles are put aboard a UPS or FedEx plane.

When deciding which shipping company to use, it is important to pay attention to the UPS and FedEx guarantee. A money back option can save a business quite a bit, should a package not arrive on time. PackageFox provides real-time tracking for both UPS and FedEx, and will automatically credit a business’ account in the event of a delayed delivery.

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