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UPS Logistics Services: What Does It All Mean?

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Businesses that aim to design a supply chain for maximum efficiency use UPS. UPS Logistics Services are designed to take every shipping need that a company has, streamline the process, and eliminate inefficiencies. By examining the supply chain that a company utilizes, UPS is able to hasten the process of shipping and rid companies of… Read More

Strategies to Develop a Cost Reduction Plan for Your Small Business

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Business is, by nature, competitive. So many companies, vying for the same base of clients, attempt to carve a niche for themselves in their identified industry. Many times, multiple companies succeed in appealing to enough customers to surpass the threshold of success but in the end, the majority of those companies, though they identified a… Read More

5 Tips to International Shipping and Getting It There On-Time

When you need to ship a package internationally, navigating the many variables that determine when your package will arrive can be a headache. Both FedEx and UPS have international shipping, and both companies are able to ship a customer’s package to 80% of the peopled globe within 48 hours. Certainly, sending parcels to distant locations… Read More

Supply Chain Cost Reduction: Is Shipping Your Weak Link?

Many shippers do not realize that they are entitled to reclaim money on late shipments. Ten percent of boxes shipped with a guaranteed arrival date (7-10 days, 2-3, overnight, etc.) that is not met. For anyone in the shipping industry, whether you own and operate an online business or participate in sales on eBay often,… Read More

Boxes, Tubes, and Mailers, Oh My! Reduce Operating Costs with the Right Shipping Materials

Online retail shop owners understand how important it is to reduce operating costs without compromising quality of service. When consumers order products online, they expect to receive quality goods at a low price. To maintain your low prices, you must learn how to get very creative in the shipping department. Small shipping boxes are not… Read More

Does Amazon Prime Really Reduce Expenses?

When a website as big as Amazon creates a new service, people notice. Just about every English Literature professor scoffed at the release of the Kindle, and many others declared they would never read books on a screen, but eBooks are now outselling their paper equivalents by a huge margin. From book sales to video… Read More

Online Shopping Costs More Than Just Shipping Prices

If you’re going to be shopping online, you have to know all the costs—and in this modern world, they’re more than just shipping prices. Every business in the world is out to increase its profits, and those on the Internet are no exception. The benefits of online shopping are clear: accessibility, saved time, and the… Read More

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