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How Much Can a Company Recover in FedEx and UPS Refunds Annually?

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The average business that tracks and disputes shipping services for delayed delivery can receive FedEx and UPS refunds equating to roughly five to ten percent of their overall shipping costs. That means, for a company that spends just ten thousand dollars on shipping annually, between five hundred and one thousand dollars may be recovered. Many… Read More

The UPS Tracking System: Domestic, International, and Freight

If you run an online business, you understand how important it is to offer fast and affordable shipping. If products you send via UPS or FedEx are late, lost, or damaged, it can significantly damage your reputation as a reliable seller. More than 10 percent of business-related expedited shipments arrive to their destinations late. If… Read More

Supply Chain Cost Reduction: Is Shipping Your Weak Link?

Many shippers do not realize that they are entitled to reclaim money on late shipments. Ten percent of boxes shipped with a guaranteed arrival date (7-10 days, 2-3, overnight, etc.) that is not met. For anyone in the shipping industry, whether you own and operate an online business or participate in sales on eBay often,… Read More

New Technology Validates the FedEx Guarantee

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As one of the fastest growing shipping businesses, the company offers its famous FedEx guarantee with confidence on account of its technology. Constantly working to innovate its process, FedEx has developed processing hubs that fully outshine its competitors and ensure customers receive their packages at their scheduled deliveries. The systems expand and adapt all the… Read More

Savings from Shipping Recovery of FedEx or UPS

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Are you burning midnight oil checking on shipping carriers to make sure you haven’t paid for services that weren’t actually provided? If so, it’s costing you more than it’s worth to reclaim those shipping dollars. Your time is better spent finding ways to generate revenue than it is recovering shipping refunds. Shipping companies like FedEx… Read More

How to Get UPS Refunds for Late Shipments

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Companies that ship time-sensitive packages generally don’t realize the availability of UPS refunds or understand the UPS guarantee. When packages are not delivered on time, companies are eligible for shipping refunds. Unfortunately, the recovery process for UPS refunds is time-consuming, costly, and frustrating. A large percentage of expedited shipments don’t reach their destinations as promised,… Read More

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