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How Express Parcel Service and the Internet Innovated Crafting

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For thousands of small businesses, the internet and express parcel service have provided an opportunity to reach customers all over the world. Many of these new consumers would not have been accessible only a few years ago. However, with easily accessible online shopping sites and convenient shipping options, small businesses have been able to enter… Read More

Carry On, Checked Bag, or UPS? How Package Shipping Rates Measure Up

As the airlines increase fees on checked baggage and implement limitations on carry-on bags, some frequent business travelers are turning to UPS and FedEx to ship their luggage ahead of their trip. Many professionals are deciding to use reliable, alternative options to get their belongings from one location to another. Just as companies have depended… Read More

UPS Surcharges for Carbon Neutral Shipping

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With thousands of vehicles moving packages around the world each day, UPS recognizes its contribution to the problem of carbon dioxide emissions. Driven by a sense of duty and good business practices, UPS has invested in alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles, utilizes solar and wind energy, and works to maximize efficiency throughout the delivery process… Read More

What Does UPS’s Purchase of TNT Express Mean for UPS Delivery Services?

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In March, 2012, UPS announced that it reached a deal to purchase the Dutch company, TNT Express, for $6.8 billion dollars. TNT Express is a relatively unknown company in the United States. However, the express courier has extensive rail and ground operations throughout Europe and has made a significant investment internationally in emerging markets throughout… Read More

Shipping Tips for Sending Mother’s Day Flowers

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In recent years, the floral industry has developed into much more than the corner flower shop. This Mother’s Day, when you are shopping for the perfect bouquet, your options are nearly endless. You can still shop at the local florist, purchase from an online retailer, or you can also package your own arrangement or potted… Read More

As Demand and Fuel Costs Rise, So Do Package Shipping Rates

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Recently, UPS and FedEx announced sweeping increases in package shipping rates for both air and ground delivery services.  Averages of both companies’ rate increases work out to approximately 4.9% for shippers. However, a recent study by LJM Freight Auditing and Consulting concluded that many shippers, including retailers, actually face rate hikes from 6.5% to 8.8%.… Read More

The US Shipping Industry is Going Green

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Greenwashing is a relatively new term in our lexicon that means a company uses “spin” to deceptively promote products or an image as being eco-friendly, when in fact, they operate in the opposite fashion. In the US shipping industry, there has been a concerted effort to operate in a more “green” or eco-friendly fashion, and… Read More

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